百事可乐R&D Team Elevates Packaging Design with 3 d打印技术

Global food and beverage brand creates replica Black Panther mask with 多射流融合

Black Panther movie character water cans with 3D printed mask covering by Protolabs
The Black Panther promotional kit brings to life the characters and costumes of the movie. 该套件的设计师结合了几种包装技术,以产生独特的纹理和效果.

今天, 要想在社交媒体的汪洋大海中引起轰动,光靠一张有趣的GIF动图或一张合时宜的表情包是不够的. 这就是为什么百事可乐和漫威工作室等品牌正在探索新技术和创意设计,以增强在线促销活动.

In anticipation of the “Black Panther” movie premiere, 这两家公司合作开发了一款限量版套件,采用了几种新技术和制造工艺, 包括 3 d打印服务 从Protolabs. The kit contained five cans representing each of the movie’s main characters, 三星平板电脑, 漫画书, 幕后照片, a light up carton with HiLight smart LEDs, and a 3D-printed Black Panther mask that fit onto the corresponding can.

“Much of this kit was inspired by the costumes and characters from the movie,安德鲁·菲尼说, R&D packaging engineer at 百事可乐. “这是一个令人兴奋的机会,皇冠游戏大厅app下载可以结合新技术来开发独特的纹理, 图形, 维的元素, and lighting to bring the kit to life.”

Phinney led the technical development of the 3D-printed mask, which was designed in-house by 百事可乐's Design and Innovation team. 他工作 跨职能ly at 百事可乐’s Design and Innovation Center in Manhattan, 新 York to scout and apply new technologies to packaging concepts



百事可乐R&在漫威(Marvel)《皇冠游戏大厅app下载》(Black Panther)电影首映礼之前,为了支持宣传活动,D公司的包装工程师和设计师需要一种低量生产高度复杂部件的制造解决方案.


After evaluating several 3D printing processes, the team found 多射流融合 produced the most precise parts at the lowest cost. The 多射流融合 components also had the durability to last for several years.



Black Panther mask covering for water cans
Given the mask’s high level of detail, 百事可乐 turned to 3D printing for its design freedom. 在开发过程中,工程师团队对五种生产级3D打印技术进行了评估.

Low Volumes of Highly Complex Parts

菲尼和他的团队在开发黑豹面具复制品时面临的主要挑战是确定如何最好地制造这个部件. 设计师和工程师团队寻求一种制造解决方案,既能产生高度复杂的几何形状,又能在低产量下实现经济效益, since they would only need to manufacture 250 parts in total. The combination of these two factors quickly led them to 3D printing.

“Given the detailed features on the mask and the relatively low volumes of parts, 皇冠游戏大厅app下载很早就知道,3D打印将是最适合这个项目的制造工艺,”Phinney解释说. “数量还不够多,不足以证明投资于注射成型工具是合理的,皇冠游戏大厅app下载喜欢3D打印提供的设计自由.”

在开发工具包中包含的元素时,每个细节都是至关重要的——他们想确保打开工具箱时看起来完美无缺. 内部熔融沉积建模(FDM)机用于早期原型,以改变原始的掩模设计,使其对齐ed with the artwork on the can and remained secure on the can during shipping. Once these small modifications were made, 他们开始评估各种3D打印技术,以用于更高质量的原型和最终的生产.

Phinney noted that while researching suitable production-grade 3D printing processes, they considered five technologies in total, 其中包括: selective laser sintering (SLS), 有限元 (SLA), PolyJet, continuous liquid interface production (剪辑), and 多射流融合 (MJF). 最终, he and his team decided to build parts with SLS, 剪辑, 和MJF来更好地理解每个过程的能力,并决定什么对项目是最好的.

为镶嵌成型调整塑料测试夹具的设计只需要一些小的调整, 莫里说. 他根据Protolabs的可制造性设计(DFM)分析反馈,以及与Protolabs工程师的对话,做出了这些改变.

多射流融合 Meets the Mark

After evaluating the physical prototypes produced by three 3D printing technologies, the team chose to move forward with MJF due to its low cost, 表面光洁度, 和解决, which precisely replicated the fine features in the mask design.


Black Panther 3D printed water can

“当皇冠游戏大厅app下载收到多射流融合部件时,很明显,这项技术将满足皇冠游戏大厅app下载在设计过程一开始概述的外观要求,”Phinney说. “Not only did the part look great, but it was also the most affordable process among the final three technologies we considered.”

He went on to explain that durability was another factor that led them to choose MJF. “因为这个罐子是收藏家的收藏品,皇冠游戏大厅app下载想要一个可以使用10到20年的部件. While other processes like SLA and PolyJet have high resolution, 没有人能保证它们能保持深黑色,并能持续使用好几年,”他指出.

手里拿着最后的零件, 宣传套装已经组装完毕,并通过了公司的配送测试,以确保它能够经受住运输的严酷考验. After a series of vibration and compression tests as well as drops, 他们发现面具仍然固定在罐子上,并保证套件将以其预期的配置到达.

Innovative Promotional Kit Generates Social Media Buzz

As the “Black Panther” premiere drew near, 百事公司完成了宣传材料的最后润色,并将其发送给了数百名网络名人和参与电影创作的其他人. The campaign resulted in numerous posts on 推特, Instagram, and YouTube and received more than 10 million social media impressions.


Phinney说, full kit was conceptualized, 工程, 并在不到六个月的时间内制作,以配合电影发行和整体营销活动. Protolabs’ quick turnaround times enabled them to meet their 雄心勃勃的期限.

皇冠游戏大厅app下载需要一个能够满足皇冠游戏大厅app下载期限的供应商,Protolabs在整个项目中按时为皇冠游戏大厅app下载提供了高质量的3d打印部件,”Phinney说. “黑豹面具的成功不仅展示了Protolabs的能力,而且展示了3D打印在推进包装设计方面的潜力.”

Marvel and Black Panther are registered trade names of Marvel Characters, Inc.