Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography (SLA) is an industrial 3D printing process used to create concept models, cosmetic prototypes, 和复杂的零件与复杂的几何形状在最短的一天. A wide selection of materials, extremely high feature resolutions, 和高质量的表面处理是可能的SLA.

How Does SLA 3 d打印技术 Work?

SLA机器开始绘制支撑结构的层, followed by the part itself, 用紫外激光瞄准液体热固性树脂的表面. 在树脂表面成像一层后, the build platform shifts down and a recoating bar moves across the platform to apply the next layer of resin. 这个过程一层一层地重复,直到构建完成.

Newly built parts are taken out of machine and into a lab where solvents are used to remove any additional resins. When the parts are completely clean, the support structures are manually removed. From there, parts undergo a UV-curing cycle to fully solidify the outer surface of the part. The final step in the SLA process is the application of any custom or customer-specified finishing. Parts built in SLA should be used with minimal UV and humidity exposure so they don’t degrade.

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Common Applications
  • 高精度,小至0.002 in.
  • 良好的表面质量的化妆品原型
  • form and fit testing


Our basic guidelines for stereolithography include important design considerations to help improve part manufacturability, enhance cosmetic appearance, and reduce overall production time.

*可选材料:abs类白色和灰色, ABS-Like Translucent/Clear, and PC-Like Translucent/Clear

SLA 材料 Options

ABS-Like白 (Accura extreme treme 白色 200)

ABS-Like白 (Accura extreme treme 白色 200) is a widely used general purpose SLA material. 在灵活性和强度方面, 这种材料介于成型聚丙烯和成型ABS之间, 这使得它成为功能原型的一个好选择. Parts as large as 29 in. x 25. x 21. can be built with ABS-Like白 so consider it a primary option if you require an extensive part size build envelope.

Primary Benefits

  • Durable, general purpose resin
  • Accommodates extra-large parts
ABS-Like灰色 (Accura Xtreme 灰色的)

ABS-Like灰色 (Accura Xtreme 灰色的) is a widely used general purpose SLA material. 在灵活性和强度方面, 这种材料介于成型聚丙烯和成型ABS之间, 这使得它成为功能原型的一个好选择. ABS-Like灰色提供了ABS-Like SLA树脂中最高的HDT.

Primary Benefits

  • Durable, general purpose resin
  • abs类SLA树脂的最高HDT
ABS-Like黑 (7820年射门角度)

ABS-Like黑 (7820年射门角度)是一种广泛使用的通用材料. Its deep black color and glossy up-facing surfaces in a top profile offer the appearance of a molded part, 而层线可能是可见的侧面轮廓. RenShape 7820还具有低吸湿率(0.25%每ASTM D570),使零件的尺寸更稳定. Compared to other SLA materials, it has midrange values for all mechanical properties.

Primary Benefits

  • Low moisture absorption
  • Glossy cosmetic appearance
ABS-Like半透明/透明(WaterShed XC 11122)

ABS-Like半透明/透明(WaterShed XC 11122) offers a unique combination of low moisture absorption (0.35% 0.每ASTM D570 25%)和接近无色透明. 为了使功能部件清晰,需要进行二次操作, 这部分也将保留一个非常浅的蓝色色调之后. 而适用于一般用途的应用, 分水岭是流可视化模型的最佳选择, 光管, 和镜头.

Primary Benefits

  • SLA树脂的吸湿率最低
  • Functional transparency
超细™ (灰色的 and Green)

超细™ is a custom formulated material available in gray and green that is exclusive to Protolabs. This ABS-like thermoset is printed in Protolabs’ customized machinery to achieve high resolution features as small as 0.002 in. MicroFine是理想的小零件,一般小于1英寸. 由1. 由1. In terms of mechanical properties, MicroFine falls in the mid-range of SLA materials for tensile strength and modulus and on the low end for impact strength and elongation.

Primary Benefits

  • Produces highest resolution parts
  • Ideal for extra-small parts
PP-Like半透明白色(Somos 9120)

PP-Like半透明白色(Somos 9120) is the most flexible SLA option outside of Carbon RPU 70 and FPU 50. 与注塑成型聚丙烯的平均值进行直接比较, 9120 has similar tensile strength, tensile modulus, flexural modulus, and impact strength. 唯一不同于模压PP的是它的延伸值, 只有25%的成型热塑性塑料.

Primary Benefits

  • 半弹性
  • 半透明
类似pc的高级高温(Accura 5530)

类似pc的高级高温(Accura 5530)创建强大, 刚性部件,耐高温. 热固化后的选择可以将HDT在0℃时提高到482°F.46 MPa加载. 在所有未填充SLA材料中,Accura 5530具有最高的e模量, 而且它以耐汽车液体而闻名. 然而, 热固化过程确实使Accura 5530不那么耐用, 导致伸长率降低50%.

Primary Benefits

  • High elastic modulus
  • Higher resistance to heated fluids
类似pc的半透明/透明(Accura 60)

类似pc的半透明/透明(Accura 60) is an alternative to the general purpose ABS-like materials and WaterShed XC 11122 when 刚度 is desired. 像分水岭, this material can be custom finished to achieve functional transparency with secondary processing. Accura 60 has the highest tensile strength of and elastic modulus compared of all SLA materials outside of the Advanced High Temp options that are most often thermal cured.

Primary Benefits

  • 高刚度
  • Functional transparency

类似陶瓷的高级高温(执行) exhibits the highest tensile strength and E-modulus making it the stiffest performance material of the SLA materials. 当热固化选项应用于由PerFORM制成的部件时, 它表现出最高的HDT(高达514°F在0.负载46 MPa)的SLA材料.

Primary Benefits

  • Stiffest SLA resin
  • Highest HDT of SLA resins

Compare SLA 材料 Properties

材料  Color  Tensile Strength Tensile Modulus 伸长
(Accura Xtreme 白色 200)
白色 7.9 ksi 479年ksi 9%
(Accura Xtreme 灰色的)
灰色的 5.8 ksi 290年ksi 9%
黑色的 7.0 ksi 435年ksi 5%
ABS-Like半透明/透明(WaterShed XC 11122) Translucent/Clear 7.9 ksi 421年ksi 6%
(灰色的 and Green)
灰色或绿色 8.7 ksi 377年ksi 8%
PP-Like半透明白色(Somos 9120) Translucent/白色 5.0 ksi 232年ksi 25%
类似pc的半透明/透明(Accura 60) Translucent/Clear 10.8 ksi 508年ksi 7%
PC-Like高级高温* (Accura 5530)  Translucent/Amber 6.5 ksi 566年ksi 1.5%
Ceramic-Like Advanced HighTemp*
白色 10.9 ksi 1523年ksi 1%


材料  Color  Tensile Strength Tensile Modulus 伸长
(Accura Xtreme 白色 200)
白色 54.47 Mpa 3300 Mpa 9%
(Accura Xtreme 灰色的)
灰色的 39.98 Mpa 2000 Mpa 9%
(RenShape SL7820)
黑色的 48.26 Mpa 3000 Mpa 5%
ABS-Like半透明/透明(WaterShed XC 11122) Translucent/Clear 54.47 Mpa 2600 Mpa 6%
(灰色的 and Green)
灰色或绿色 59.98 Mpa 2600 Mpa 8%
PP-Like半透明白色(Somos 9120) Translucent/白色 34.47 Mpa 1600 Mpa 25%
类似pc的半透明/透明(Accura 60) Translucent/Clear 74.46 Mpa 3503 Mpa 7%
PC-Like高级高温* (Accura 5530)  Translucent/Amber 44.81 Mpa 3902 Mpa 1.5%
Ceramic-Like Advanced HighTemp*
白色 75.15 Mpa 10500 Mpa 1%


这些数字是近似值,取决于若干因素, including but not limited to, machine and process parameters. 因此,所提供的资料不具约束力,也不被视为已证明. When performance is critical, 也可以考虑对添加材料或最终部件进行独立的实验室测试.

Additional Finishing Options

定制加工是一门科学的混合体, 技术, 还有可以把零件转换成你想要的尺寸的艺术品. Finishes include:

  • Soft-touch paint
  • Clear part finishing
  • 面漆
  • 屏蔽
  • 颜色匹配
  • 贴花/图形
  • 纹理


Our metal-plating process for SLA coats a ceramic-filled PC-like material (Somos PerFORM) with a nickel that gives parts the look, 感觉, and strength of metal, but without the weight. 结合材料的强度, 刚性, 耐高温镀镍, takes strength, 刚度, and impact and temperature resistance to a degree previously unattainable in SLA parts.


Our microfluidic fabrication process is a modified form of high-resolution SLA that uses a clear ABS-like material (WaterShed XC 11122). Parts are resistance to water and humidity, and work well for lens and flow-visualization models.

Our SLA 3D Printers

皇冠游戏大厅app下载的立体光刻机包括Vipers, ProJets和iPros. In high-resolution mode, Vipers和ProJets可以制造具有极其微小特征和清晰细节的部件, while in normal-resolution mode, 他们可以非常迅速地制造出具有成本效益的部件.

iPros拥有29英寸的超大容量. 在25. 在21日. (736mm by 635mm by 533mm), yet are still able to image highly detailed parts easily.



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